“Emerging Guitar Talents” – 2019

The 7th edition of the „Emerging Guitar Talents” will take place between 7-9 June 2019 at Arts School no. 5 in Bucharest.

The competition will contain two sections: „Hobby” and „Performance”.

The „Hobby” section is organized by classes ranging from preschool and grade 0, passing through grades 1-12 and reaching the „Open” category, with no age limit.

The Performance section is organized by age categories: A category (8-11 years old), B category (12-15 years old) and C category (16-23 years old).

Substantial prizes provided by PC GARAGE (www.pcgarage.ro) will be awarded during the competition. Awards include IT and electronic products such as: mobile phones, tablets, TVs, home gadgets, selfie sticks, headsets, keyboards and other IT accesories.

We are glad and honored to be able to offer such awards with the help of our sponsors who are joining us each year in recognizing the work of young artists in their musical affirmation.

The guitar maker Samuel Zamfir de Souza (www.atelierdesouza@gmail.com) will make a special guitar for this edition of the competition, which will be handed to the 1st prize winner in the „Performance” section, C category.  Samuel’ s guitars are done with great care at details and have the characteristics of those instruments made by a luthier with wonderful vocation.

The musical shop „Rapsodia” (www.magazinulrapsodia.ro) will offer a guitar such as the Grand Prix of the „Hobby” section.

We would like to thank our partners: Telegraf Print (www.papetaria.ro), Tecnoservice Equipment (www.tecnos.ro), Totunik (www.totunik.ro), Suprasoft (www.suprasoft.ro), Arts School no. 5.

It is a great pleasure to observe a growing interest in classical guitar in Romania, both from the participants and from those involved in thier preparation and support. Through the passion and dedication of those who know the benefits of studying this instrument and the beauty it can reveal, the guitar can become, in time, an ambasador of Romanian and universal culture, both inside the country and abroad.