The prizes of the Guitar Talents competition 2018

The prizes of the Emerging Guitar Talents competition will be very special also this year. PC GARAGE will offer prizes in a total amount of approximately 3500 EURO consisting of mobile phones, tablets, video cameras, TVs, laptops, products that are extremely popular with children and adolescents. Supporting young performers by PC GARAGE is a proof of active involvement in various projects designed to bring about a positive change in the cultural and artistic field.

IT excellence is thus doubled by supporting and stimulating excellence in the music field, having the joy of rewarding with extraordinary prizes the work of those who are among the laureates of the Emerging Guitar Talents competition.

In addition to that, the guitar maker Samuel de Souza will offer a guitar worth 1500 EURO especially built-up for the 2018 edition of the „Emerging Guitar Talents” competition.

The ICon Arts Academy will grant a 420 EURO scholarship (2000 lei) to the ICon Arts Festival 2018 and a payed recital of 100 EURO (500 lei) in the series of concerts in Bucharest entitled “Resounding cartography”.

Special prizes in amount of 1000 EURO consisting of classical guitars, guitar accessories and office suplies will be awarded by the Association “Deschideri spre viitor”.

This project, which was born out of the desire to cultivate beauty through music, has been well defined with the help of exceptional people with a long-term vision. We are, thus, thankful to our financial supporters: PC GARAGE, TELEGRAF PRINT SRL, TECNOSERVICE EQUIPMENT SRL, ICON ARTS, RAPSODIA SHOP, TOTUNIK, SUPRASOFT. The sixth edition of the contest finds us in an ascending trend, with an energetic team eager to offer both the enthusiasm and the professionalism necessary for the organization.

We are happy to state that together we can feature Bucharest as an European capital of classical guitar.